Build-system migration to Pluto

Build-system migration to Pluto

Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis

Build systems are used in all but the smallest software projects to invoke the right build tools on the right files in the right order. A build system must be sound (after a build, generated files consistently reflect the latest source files) and efficient (recheck and rebuild as few build units as

possible). Contemporary build systems provide limited efficiency because they lack support for expressing fine-grained file dependencies. We have defined a novel build system ClearDep that supports sound and optimal incremental builds.

The goal of this thesis is to develop mechanisms for migrating existing build scripts to our build system ClearDep. A possible roadmap might be:

  • Identify/establish a benchmark of projects that use build system X
  • Implement an abstract builder X in ClearDep
  • Manually migrate some of the projects to use ClearDep
  • Measure build times
  • Tune the ClearDep script to optimize performance
  • Investigate support for automated build-script migration

The student can freely choose build system X, from which build scripts are migrated to ClearDep.

For further information, contact Sebastian Erdweg.