Dr. Krishna Narasimhan


I am a Researcher at the Software Technology group at TU Darmstadt. I am primarily interested in building Software tools to help developer productivity. Formerly, I was involved with refactoring tools for clone management and data representation migration during my PhD, and building DSLs and IDEs for domain experts in automotive industry during my stint at Itemis. Currently, I am interested in API misuses and exploring the use of AI (deep learning/ transformers) for coding tasks like code completion, vulnerability detection.

Short Biography

since 2020 Post-doctoral Researcher – Software Technology Group, TU Darmstadt
2017-2020 Language Engineer (DSLs) – Itemis AG
2014-2017 PhD Magna-cum Laude – Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
2011-2013 MSc Computer Science – Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany
2010-2011 Software Development Engineer – Scantron (previously Global Scholar)
2007-2010 Master of Computer Applications (MCA) – Anna University, Chennai, India
2004-2007 BSc Mathematics – University of Madras, Chennai, India


Term Courses
Winter 2021/22
Summer 2021
Winter 2020/21
  • Seminar 'Software Engineering for AI'
Winter 2014/15
  • Teaching Assistant 'Programming Languages, Concepts and Implementation' at Goethe University
Summer 2013
  • Teaching Assistant 'Mobile Testing and Analysis' at Saarland University

Thesis/Job Offers

If you are good at programming in any of the following languages:

1) Java

2) C

3) Rust

4) C++

If two or more of these topics interest you:

1) Static analysis

2) Software security

3) Software tools

4) Machine learning

5) Domain specific languages

And if you are looking for interesting thesis topics, or a HiWi position, please contact me.

Currently no items available.

  • Master Thesis

    This is a reproduction study of travTrans transformer for code-completion and identifying potential avenues for improvement.

    Examiner: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mira Mezini

    Supervisor: Dr. Krishna Narasimhan

  • Bachelor Thesis

    Developing annotations to Java to specify API misuses which is then compiled to regular java as runtime checks. This thesis was evaluated with MuBench as baseline and in comparison with CogniCrypt.

    Examiner: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mira Mezini

    Supervisor: Dr. Krishna Narasimhan

  • Bachelor Thesis

    This thesis explored opportunities to transpile C code to Rust code. The thesis was exploratory in nature.

    Examiner: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mira Mezini

    Supervisor: Dr. Krishna Narasimhan


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