Dr. rer. nat. Lars Baumgärtner

Software Technology Group


work +49 6151 16-21362

Work S2|02 A206
Hochschulstraße 10
64289 Darmstadt

My current research interests focus on various security topics ranging from mobile devices and apps to the Internet-of-Things. I’m also interested in distributed peer-to-peer systems and disruption-tolerant networking to enable communication in challenged network environments.


With dtn7-rs we provide a Rust implementation of RFC 9171 that can be used for opportunistic communication in challenging network conditions, e.g., emergency communication, environmental monitoring or interplanetary networks. It features different convergence layer agents, e.g., TCP CL (RFC 9174), local neighbor discovery, various storage backends and routing algorithms. Due to its modular design it is well suited for research as well as real world applications. Further information about DTN in general can be found in the awesome dtn list. We are looking for contributors and also offer student projects and HiWi jobs around dtn7 and its applications. For further questions contact

Developing new solutions for challenging communication environments requires extensive testing in various different scenarios. Our coreemu-lab is a framework that automates the process of orchestrating different monitoring services in an emulated, lightweight networking environment. This includes simulated mobility, automated data collection, and analysis of common metrics. It is specifically designed for the evaluation of resilient, decentralized communication software in challenging, mobile scenarios.

Buschfunk Project wants to provide free and open-source solutions to serve as a foundation for communication technology in challenged environments. The focus is on delay-tolerant networking also known as sneakernet to enable message exchange even in remote places or during crisis events. It builds upon other open-source projects and lets researchers focus on the application use-cases themselves, not having to worry about building a peer-to-peer infrastructure again and again. Furthermore, it aims at incorporating many different commodity hardware platforms such as smartphones, Raspberry Pis, ESP32 microcontrollers, various LoRa transceivers etc.

This project provides a modem firmware for microcontroller boards with RF95 compatible LoRa radio modules and a serial interface such as the adafruit feather m0 lora device, the TTGO t-beam or the HelTec OLED LoRa 32 modules. On various ESP32 based boards optional features such as OLED status display, GPS, BLE or WiFi support can be enabled. Thus, this modem firmware turns various LoRa MCUs into companion devices that can easily be paired with a smartphone. The whole firmware is application-agnostic and provides a straight forward communication interface to rapidly prototype new LoRa-based applications on devices ranging from Raspberry Pi over smartphones to laptops.

Open Theses

  • Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis

    Opportunistic- and disruption-tolerant networks enable resilient communication in local communities by epidemically distributing messages. This is beneficial to resist censorship or work in scenarios where global network communication might not be possible or disrupted, e.g., during a disaster or in rural areas. Due to the increased resource usage on all devices by epidemic data dissemination, finding optimal strategies to reduce bandwidth, storage space or increase resilience against local adversarial networking nodes is very important.

    Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Lars Baumgärtner

  • Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis

    Unmanned-Ground Vehicles are becoming increasingly important, especially in areas such as disaster recovery. While these robots are highly dependent on communication links, such links are oft also disrupted during disasters. Therefore, it is vital to cope with fluctuating connectivity on the protocol level and provide ways to receive telemetry data and send commands even without direct connections. Intermediate hops can be used to route data, but if even this is not possible, store, carry and forward architectures provide another alternative for such use-cases.

    Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Lars Baumgärtner

  • Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis

    Unmanned-Aerial Vehicles have multiple uses in daily life. Furthermore, in disaster response they are commonly used for tasks such as taking aerial pictures, sensor readings or providing means of communication. Standard protocols for UAV control such as MAVlink are designed for direct real-time links. This limits the range of operation of such a system, especially if the communication infrastructure is damaged, e.g., during a disaster. Thus, alternative extensions build on disruption-tolerant networking which is also used for deep space communication should be explored to increase usability in challenging network conditions.

    Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Lars Baumgärtner

  • Bachelor Thesis

    LoRa as a free, long-range communication technology enables many new use-cases. Besides its main use of building IoT sensor networks, it can also be used to build alternative communication infrastructure, e.g., for disaster responses. As LoRa has very limited bandwidth and duty-cycle restrictions, existing communication patterns and protocols from the internet cannot be directly applied here. Different approaches can be explored to maximize the usefulness of such a communication system, e.g., by combining mesh networks and store, carry and forward approaches.

    Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Lars Baumgärtner


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