Dr.-Ing. Oliver Bracevac

Software Technology Group


My passion are all aspects of programming languages: design, theory and engineering. Programming languages influence how we think about and build software: they literally enable us to make our ideas a physical reality. I am a strong proponent of applying principled and formal approaches in programming languages research. This is the only way to obtain software that is correct, efficient, reliable and secure.

My PhD thesis is on the foundations of reactive and incremental computations. The goal is to find a common substrate of closely related, yet different paradigms, e.g., (functional) reactive programming, stream processing, event-based languages and message passing systems.

My (non-exhaustive) list of research interests:

  • The fascinating connection between logic(s) and programming languages (Curry-Howard-Isomorphism (opens in new tab)). For example, deriving types systems from a logic, e.g., to statically ensure liveness properties in reactive programs.
  • Type theory and type systems
    • Recursive and (co)inductive types.
    • Dependent types.
    • Modal types.
    • Effect types.
    • Incremental type checkers.
  • Control abstractions.
    • Continuations and coroutines.
    • Sequent calculi.
  • Functional programming.
  • Category theory.
  • Effects in computation
    • Algebraic effects and handlers.
    • Monads, arrows, idioms.
  • Metaprogramming, staging
  • Extensibility, variability of software components.
  • Concurrent and distributed programming.
    • Actor systems.

I am experienced in a number of OO and functional languages, such as Java, Scala, OCaml and Haskell. Moreover, I worked on verification projects using interactive theorem provers, such as Isabelle/HOL and Coq.

I am always looking for strongly motivated students who are interested in theses/labs/hiwi positions in my areas of interest. Theorists and engineers are both welcome.

Talks and Meetings


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