Dr. Eric Bodden

Dr. Eric Bodden

I am head of the Secure Software Engineering Group at the European Center for Security and Privacy By Design (EC SPRIDE), and a Principal Investigator in Secure Services at the Center for advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED). Before my time at EC SPRIDE, I was a PostDoc at the Software Technology Group. Although I am now heading my own research group, I still strongly collaborate with the group on many levels.

My research focuses a unique combination of domain-specific languages, runtime verification and static program analysis. Using those tools and technologies, I design program abstractions and programming languages that allow software engineers to create software that is secure and safe by design.

I am the chief maintainer of the Soot framework for the static analysis and transformation of Java programs, the creator of the Clara framework for partially evaluating runtime monitors at compile time, and one of the creators of the TamiFlex framework for enabling static analysis of programs that use Java reflection. All frameworks are open source and we invite you to use them or even contribute to them!

You can find further information about my research and teaching on my personal webpage.

Bachelor and Master's theses

I am always looking for motivated Bachelor and Master Students who are interested in working with me. For a selection of thesis topics, please consult my group's website at EC SPRIDE.