Krishna Narasimhan

Dr. Krishna Narasimhan

I am a Researcher at the Software Technology group at TU Darmstadt. My background involves developing program transformation tools to aid Software evolution, and working with industry partners in designing DSLs and Software tools. My current interests lie in understanding the kind of challenges programmers face while using Cryptography APIs, in particular working on the Cognicrypt project.

For my publications prior to joining TU Darmstadt, please click here.

Personal website

Thesis/Job Offers

If you are good at programming in any of the following languages:

1) Java

2) C

3) Rust

4) C++

If two or more of these topics interest you:

1) Static analysis

2) Software security

3) Software tools

4) Machine learning

5) Domain specific languages

And if you are looking for interesting thesis topics, or a HiWi position, please contact me.