Dr. Sarah Nadi

I am a post-doctoral researcher in the Software Technology Group (STG) at TU Darmstadt working with Prof. Mira Mezini. Before that, I was part of the Software Architecture Group (SWAG) at the University of Waterloo where I did my Masters and PhD with Prof. Richard C. Holt. My PhD dissertation discussed variability anomalies in software product lines.

My research interests include empirical software engineering, support for software product lines, and providing automated support for software development and maintenance activities in general. As a result, I also work in the areas of mining software repositories, reverse engineering, build systems, and program analysis.

You can find more details about my work and publications in my personal website.

Open Theses

Below is a list of thesis topics I am currently offering. Please contact me if you are interested in working on any of these (or other related projects/topics). You can also find all open theses of our group here.

Currently no items available.