Sven Keidel

Sven Keidel, M. Sc.

I am a PhD student in the Software Technology Group since November 2015. I received my Bachelor's and Master's degree at TU Darmstadt in 2015.

The topic of my Master's thesis is Monto, a service-oriented architecture and intermediate representation for IDEs and programming languages. The goal is to implement language services that provide syntax highlighting, error reporting, code completion, etc. without using an IDE specific API.

In my PhD studies I will work on evolving legacy software systems to domain-specific languages (DSL). Legacy code bases become harder to maintain the larger the size and the more technical debt that has been accumulated over the years. The use of DSLs can mitigate this problem, but manually refactoring the legacy code base to DSLs is a huge effort and an error-prone process. My studies will develop a tool that uses DSL definitions to automatically detect possible refactoring sites and refactor legacy code to DSL code.