Re-Exam Date

The re-exam will be an oral exam (30 minutes per student) and takes place on March 4 2016, 9:00 – 14:00.

Please contact Sebastian to obtain your individual time slot and room.


You need to register if you plan to attend this course:

  • As always, you need to register for this course in TUCaN.
  • For the exercises, you also need to register in WebLab (see below).


WebLab is an online learning platform developed at TU Delft. We use WebLab for publishing exercises, for collecting hand-ins, and for communicating feedback on the hand-ins.

To register an account with WebLab, visit and register with your Full Name as user name. After you are logged in, you can enroll in for this course here

If you have any questions about WebLab and how to enroll there, please contact Sebastian.


At the end of the semester there will be a written exam. We offer a bonus system for the exam if you successfully work on the exercises during the semester.

Maximum Bonus: You can improve your grade by up to 0.7.

Bonus System: Students can get bonus points from each exercise. At the end all points are summed up and the percentage of reached points is calculated. It is determined how many points are needed for a 0.7 grade improvement and the percentage is multiplied with this number and rounded to the next 0,5. The bonus cannot be used to pass the exam.

Example: Assume that three exercises exist, each with 10 bonus points achievable. Assume further that 100 points can be reached in the exam and 9 points are needed to improve a 3.3 to a 2.7, so 30 points from the exercises correspond to 9 bonus points.

A student reached 8, 6 and 7 points in the exercises, which is equivalent to 21/30 = 70%. The student gets 9 * 0.7 = 6.3 => 6,5 bonus points for the exam. This bonus is applied to the final grade if the student reaches at least 25 points in the exam without the bonus.