Type Systems of Programming Languages

Type systems are formal methods to ensure that programs exhibit a desired behavior, with respect to some implicit or explicit specification. They have a broad range of applications in software engineering, language design, security, etc. This seminar focuses on current and fundamental topics of type systems, e.g., dependent types, type inference, type checking techniques, constraint-based type systems, etc.

This is a discussion seminar with weekly meetings. In each meeting, we discuss a scientific article. The following weekly activities are required:

  • reading a scientific article,
  • writing a short summary of the article (max 0.5 pages),
  • active participation in the discussion of the article.

Course Information



Course Type

S2 / 3 CPs


Dr. Sebastian Erdweg


Tuesday, April 12th, 16:15 in S1|03 / 10


The seminar will take place in English


Please register in TUCAN and also send an email to . To ensure an interactive and productive seminar, we have to limit the number of participants to aprox. 15. Therefore, the kick-off meeting is obligatory.


You will receive a list of papers as an answer to your registration E-Mail and the rough schedule will be announced at the kickoff-meeting.