Software Development Tools

This course is targeted towards students in their advanced study period that already have a good knowledge of programming and who want to further deepen their respective knowledge and skills. As part of this lab you have to develop tools and base algorithms for tools that support software developers. All projects will be related to the opal-project and will range from Atom plug-ins (e.g., for Bytecode Visualization), sbt plug-ins (e.g., for measuring memory usage), over tools for recording and replaying the progress of static analyses. Hence, a very high interest in programming in Scala is generally necessary. However, in some cases (e.g. in case of Atom plug-ins) other languages (such as CoffeeScript) are used. We will have topics that can be done by one student, but also topics for teams of two to three students.

At the kick-off we will present the topics and assign them to you. If you choose to work on a topic, we will have a meeting approx. every two weeks where will discuss the current state and the next steps (we will follow an agile development progress). Hence, only choose this lab if you are willing to continuously work on the project. The project will end on July, 13th.

In case of questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Course Information



Course Type

P4 / 6 CPs

Kick off

Wednesday, 18th, 3pm in A213