SE – Design & Construction

The page of the course with the updated information, all the material and the communications from the instructors is at:

SE D&C Web Page

Course Information



Course Type

V2 + Ü3 / 8 CPs


Teaching Assistant


The language of this course is English. The lectures, exercises and all material (slides, exercise sheets, etc.) will be in English.

All student exercise solutions and the answers in the exam must be given in English as well.


There are two kinds of registration needed:

(1) A general registration in TUCaN is required.

(2) An additional registration for the exercises is required. Details follow on the first lecture or exercise.


We are using the SED&C forum for all announcements and for general discussion of the course topics. Please subscribe to the RSS feed to get notifications about new postings. In addition please make sure that you read emails sent to your RBG account.

Feel free to send an email to for non-public questions.