To join the project you have to register per mail to Sebastian Proksch. If you already organizeda group you could register altogether. If you are alone you could use the Project-Forums to find other people. But it is possible to register alone without problems. You are assigned to a group then.

The mail must contain the following information for each group member:

  • complete name
  • course of studies (incl. application subject)
  • student id
  • email address
  • number of your transponder

Please include a prioritized selection of the three project topics in your mail, that are most interesting to you. We will honor your preferences as best as possible while building the groups and assigning the topics.

Examination Office

Additionally(!) to your registration with the organisators you have to register the course in the examination office as well. What exact course you have to register depends on your course of studies and on the way you want to include the project.

Seminar and Praktical Course as Part of the M.Sc.

The normal way to include the SE Project in your studies is to register the following courses as “Studienleistungen”:

  • Software Engineering – Projekt (9CP) (Tucan: 20-00-0079-pj)
  • Software Engineering – Projektseminar (3CP) (Tucan: 20-00-0359-se)

Both courses are from the area of Software Engineering.

As Part of the Application Subject “Technikgestaltung”

If you chose “Technikgestaltung” as your application subject, the SE project is mandatory for you. You register the following course in your application subject:

  • Praktikum: Requirements Engineering (6CP) (Tucan: 20-00-0079-pj) (to register for this course you have to register for “Software Engineering – Projekt (9CP)”, the examination office will take care of the rest).

Additionally to this you can include the following two courses as “Studienleistung” in the area of Software Engineering:

  • Moderne Softwareentwicklung (3CP) (Tucan: 20-00-0393-pr)
  • Software Engineering – Projektseminar (3CP) (Tucan: 20-00-0359-se)

Current information about the application subject can be found in the curriculum of the application subject.

As Replacement for the Bachelor Praktikum

It is mandatory to attend the Bachelor Praktikum as part of the B.Sc. It is possible to replace this with the Software Engineering Project. Please note that further information is available.

You register the following courses:

  • Bachelor-Praktikum (6CP) (Tucan: 20-00-0334-pr)
  • Projektbegleitung (3CP) (Tucan: 20-00-0145-iv)
  • Angewandtes Software Engineering (3CP) (Tucan: 20-00-0664-pr)

You register the additional practical course with 3CP because the SE project is more effort then the BP.