Software Development Tools

This course is intended for graduate students who already have good programming skills. It can be a preparation step for a thesis in our group.

We will have topics for students who want to work alone, but also for students who want to work in a small team. You should only take this internship if you are really interested in software development as such and if you are very good in Java. Scala knowledge is a clear advantage.

The topics will be announced in the kick-off event. The kick-off event will take place on 24.04.2023.

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Leonid Glanz by the end of 24.04.2023. Topics will be assigned based on the appropriateness/interest of the participants. If participants bring the same qualification, they will be assigned based on “first come, first serve”.

Course Information



Course Type

P4 / 6 CPs


Please send an email to Dr. Leonid Glanz after the kick-off till the end of the day.


24.04.2023, 12:00

via Zoom:

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