Foundations of Static Analyses

With this seminar you will learn the core techniques of scientific work. There are no frontal lessons: you will have to write a term paper that summarizes your knowledge of an assigned topic after reading a selection of scientific papers. Each participant is also required to give a talk about the topic chosen. Several topics are available.

This seminar is about the foundations of static analysis that are needed for further quality and security analyses.

The topics will be announced in the kick of meeting. The kick of will be via Zoom.

Exemplary topics are:

- Cross-Language Analysis

- Specification Mining

- Sound(i)ness

This course is complemented by a hands-on training: Software Development Tools

Course Information



Course Type

S2 / 3 CPs


Monday, October 24th 2022, 13:30-15:10 via Zoom: Meeting

Topic Selection

The seminar slides for the kick-off meeting can be downloaded here (opens in new tab) . Send your 3 topic preferences, your name and matriculation number to


The presentation should take 10 minutes for single person topics and 15 minutes for teams of two topics and should give an overview of the key message of your seminar paper and your contribution. After every presentation there will be up to 5 minutes for discussion.

date: 27.02. from 13:30 till approximately 15:30 via Zoom

For the link write an e-mail to Tobias Roth


Both papers and talks must be delivered in English