Secure Integration of Cryptographic Software

Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis

Today, many applications use cryptographic components to provide a secure implementation. For a secure implementation, it is essential that a developer is aware of the correct and secure usage of cryptographic components. Recent studies have shown that developers struggle with this. Therefore, applications which are intended to be trustworthy, become insecure.

Within our research project “Secure Integration of Cryptographic Software” of the SFB CROSSING, we want to support developers when they integrate cryptographic components in an application. To achieve this aim, we have developed an Eclipse plugin which can generate secure cryptographic code and a static analysis which identifies insecure usages. Currently, we have created all rules checked by the analyis by hand. One of our next steps is to determine how we can automatically generate rules for correct and secure usages.

If you are interested in this research or the research of our project in general, you can contact Anna-Katharina Wickert.

You can find more details like an introduction video and our publications on our project page.